Four-storey housing complex on the horizon for Colwood

Shovels will be in the ground soon to prepare site for new 48-unit building

Anew eco-friendly housing complex is coming to Colwood.

Shovels will be in the ground to begin work on the site, at the top of Delorah Drive, within the next couple of weeks. Getting ducks in a row to start work has been about a four-year process, and developer Pari Saroya, owner of B.C.-Alta Developments, is looking forward to bringing something unique to the neighbourhood.

The four-storey complex will be 48 units, and Saroya said it will be a concrete building, but “priced like a wood frame.” Work is expected to begin on the building by June or July.

“We don’t like to go in and clear cut everything, we keep it as natural impossible and try to work with the environment,” said Saroya.

“It will be very affordable, but state of the art in every aspect,” said Saroya, who is working with his son to create the complex. “Condo fees are so high in Victoria. We want to build the same kind of living that they get downtown, but not so expensive. There is nothing in Colwood like this.”

“We want to offer something unique.

All public areas of the property will run on solar power, and the complex will include other eco-friendly aspects that Saroya says will set it apart. Amenities include walking trails, park space, tennis courts, a car wash and a gym.

“You name it we are going include all of the toys,” chuckled Saroya.

In the same area, a project with 50 homes was developed by Saroya, which was completed last year. With this new project, he is hoping to draw in occupants who are elderly, so they can live close to their families in the growing community.

Saroya feels most residents in the area are accepting of the housing complex because he is dedicating 58 per cent of the land to park space.